What is "Pure Water" window cleaning, and why do we use it?

In the last few years, there has been an explosion in the number of window cleaners using pure water systems. Variously known as Reach and Wash (a trade name), pure water, high reach, waterfed pole (abbreviated to WFP), they are all basically the same. Water is passed through a series of filters, notably de-ionising and reverse-osmosis, to remove all mineral impurities. This purified water is then transported to site, where it is pumped up a telescopic or sectional pole to a soft brush. The brush agitates the dirt and the purified water rinses it from the glass. As it's pure, it can be allowed to dry naturally, leaving a sparkling finish.


That's the "What?" but what about the "Why?"

Initially these types of systems were used to clean hard-to-reach windows, where access was a major issue. However in our increasingly Health and Safety-conscious world, other benefits have become apparent. In 2008/09, 4000 people were seriously injured falling from height and tragically a number of these falls resulted in fatalities. The Health and Safety Executive haven't banned the use of ladders, but they do suggest that if an alternative means of working  is available then it should used. It's worth checking out our links page to get it straight from the horses mouth.

There are other benefits to using these types of systems. Without any detergent residue windows stay cleaner for longer. The brushes clean frames and sills as they go. Previously difficult or expensive to clean windows can be safely and easily cleaned from the ground. MegaClean have recently taken delivery of a carbon-fibre pole which enables us to clean windows at heights of 55'-60'!